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Wayne State University - Department of Communication Communication 3300: Business and Professional Presentations UNIT I: PRINCIPLES OF BUSINESS COMMUNICATION With Video of Speech As with all the assignments in this course please make sure you read the instructions. If you are in doubt talk to your instructor. Memo Writing Assignment: Introducing Yourself to Your Instructor Credit: This is a non-graded assignment. You will receive feedback and a check plus to indicate “excellent,” a check to indicate “good” or “satisfactory,” and a check minus to indicate “below average.” Assignment Overview: Write a memo introducing yourself. Print a copy and bring it to class. Apart from an introduction and close, include four paragraphs covering these topics: Background: Where did you grow up? What have you done in terms of school, extracurricular activities, jobs and family life? Interests: What are you interested in? What do you like to do? What do you like to think about and talk about? Achievements: What achievements have given you the greatest personal satisfaction? List at least five. Include things that gave you a real sense of accomplishment and pride, whether or not they are the sort of thing you would list on a resume. Goals: what do you hope to accomplish this term? Where would you like to be professionally and personally five years from now? Use three-four-word bolded “headings” for Background, Interests, Achievements and Goals sections, but do not use a heading for the Introduction or Conclusion. Do not use the Microsoft Word Template for this memo create your own. Refer to your textbook for writing & formatting business memos and the sample memo on Blackboard.
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Unit_1PrincBusCom2011wVideo - Wayne State University -...

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