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Research Option 3 Choice

Research Option 3 Choice - brain gives a rational decision...

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Henry Mai Psych 044 April 15, 2009 Research Option 3 “Choice” After listening to “Choice” episode of radio lab show, I was given a lot of insight and a better understanding why psychology is so useful. Although there is a lot of noise in a day, we are burden with so many different choices that we sometimes choose a bad one. In the podcast “Choice”, Chad the host of the podcast, gave me an understanding why I choose the things I do. He gave me an understanding that our “Working” memory can be distracted very easily. Which Chad introduced the 7 plus or minus 2 working memory theory, this theory explains how the
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Unformatted text preview: brain gives a rational decision and a emotional decision. When our minds are thinking a lot, our decisions are affected. For example; when your trying to remember 7 numbers in your head, you are going to be more likely to pick a emotional based decision. The emotional decision that was made induced an urge to relieve the stress for remembering 7 numbers. In contrast, if you were thinking less, you would be able to make a more rational decision because you would be able to think more about that subject....
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