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Worksheet for TEST 4 (11 problems/60 minutes) Review your class notes, homework, and quiz 7, 8 carefully. 1. Solve radical equation (8pts) Ex: answer: No solution Ex: answer: 2. Simplify complex numbers (8pts) Ex: Answer: Ex: Answer: 3. Quadratic formula(8pts) Ex: Solve, writing any non-real answers in the form : . Answer: Ex: Quiz 7, problem 3. 4. Graph quadratic equation (10pts) Ex: Graph, labeling the vertex and all and intercepts: 5. Quadratic type equation (10pts) Ex: Solve .
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Unformatted text preview: Answer: or Ex: Homework 10, problem 1 and 2 6. Logarithm (8pts) Ex: Find Answer: Ex: Find Answer: Ex: Find . Answer: 7. Laws of Logarithm (9pts) Ex: Using the approximate values and find: a) b) c) Answer: a) b) c) 8. Logarithmic equation (10pts) Ex: Solve: Answer: 9. and 10. Solving inequalities using sign chart (10pts each) Ex: Let . Find all inputs , such that . Answer: Ex: Solve: Answer: 11. Conic section (9pts) See Homework 12 problem 1-3...
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