Reciprocity & Risk

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Unformatted text preview: a d Ki Hi (1985) F Anthropolog 26(2):223-46. J e (2001) Had a da i fh a c ia i : E c c ie ie . O f d: O f d U. P e . d ha i g a g Ac he f age : Te ic e fe ea ei e aa ha i g. Evolution and a deh h g a hic he e . Current 7/8 1/15/12 Reciprocit & Risk Kaplan, Hilla d, Kim Hill, and A. Magdelena H ado (1990) Fi ne , fo aging and food ha ing among he Ac he. In Ris k and Unc ertaint in Trib al and Peas ant Ec onomies , ed. E. Ca hdan, pp. 107-143. Bo lde , CO: W e ie Pe . Ne P e, Randolph M., ed. (2001) Evolution and the c apac it for c ommitment. NY: R ell Sage Fo nda ion. e , Anne E. and C aig Pac k e (1997) The ec olog of ela ion hip . In Behavioural ec olog : an evolutionar approac h, ed. John R. K eb and Nic hola B. Da ie , pp. 254-283. O fo d: Blac k ell. Ric he on, Pe e J. and Robe Bo d (2001) The e ol ion of bjec i e c ommi men o g o p : a ibal in inc h po he i . In Evolution and the c apac it for c ommitment, ed. Randolph M. Ne e, pp. 186-220. NY: R Sage Fo...
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