ASTR 103 - References, Cosmology

ASTR 103 - References, Cosmology - 1/15/12 ASTR 103 -...

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Unformatted text preview: 1/15/12 ASTR 103 - References, Cosmology 1/4¡ns/¡str103/References/ref_cosmology.html ASTR 103 - References Cosmolog\ LaVW ModificaWion: JanXaU\ 20, 2004 1. DXUham, F., and R. PXUUingWon. FUame of Whe uniYeUVe: A HiVWoU\ of Ph\Vical CoVmolog\. ColXmbia uniYeUViW\ PUeVV, 1983. 2. HaUUiVon, E. CoVmolog\: Science of Whe uniYeUVe. CambUidge uniYeUViW\ PUeVV, 1981. 3. HaUUiVon, E. MaVkV of Whe uniYeUVe. Macmillan PXbliVhing, 1985. 4. HaUUiVon, E. DaUkneVV aW NighW: A Riddle of Whe uniYeUVe. HaUYaUd uniYeUViW\ PUeVV, 1985. 5. LighWman, A., and R. BUaZeU. OUiginV: The LiYeV and woUldV of ModeUn CoVmologiVWV. HaUYaUd uniYeUViW\ PUeVV, 1990. 6. RoWhman, T. and G. ElliV. "HaV CoVmolog\ become MeWaph\Vical?" AVWUonom\, Feb. 1986. 7. RoWhman, T. "IV CoVmolog\ a SomeWime Thing?" AVWUonom\, JXl\ 1991. 8. weinbeUg, S. The FiUVW ThUee MinXWeV: A ModeUn vieZ of Whe OUigin of Whe uniYeUVe, 2nd ed. BaVicV BookV, 1988. Einstein-Friedmann Cosmolog\ 1. BenneWW, G. "CoVmic OUiginV of Whe ElemenWV," AVWUonom\, AXg. 1988. 2. CoUZin, M., and D. wachoZiak. "DiVcoYeUing Whe E[panding uniYeUVe," AVWUonom\, Feb. 1985. 3. CUoVZell, K. "GalacWic AUchaeolog\," AVWUonom\, JXl\ 1992. 4. GingeUich, O. "J. L. E. DUe\eU and HiV NGC," Sk\ & TeleVcope, Dec. 1988. 5. GoUenVWein, M. "ChaUWing PaWhV ThUoXgh GUaYiW\'V LenV," Sk\ & TeleVcope, NoY. 1983. 6. HaUUiVon, E. "The PaUado[ of Whe DaUk NighW Sk\," MeUcXU\. JXl\/AXg. 1980. 7. HeWheUingWon, N. "HXbble'V CoVmolog\," AmeUican ScienWiVW, MaU/ApU. 1990. 8. Jaki, S. The PaUado[ of OlbeUV' PaUado[: A CaVe HiVWoU\ of ScienWific ThoXghW. HeUdeU and HeUdeU, 1969. 9. JoneV, B. "william HeUVchel: PioneeU of Whe SWaUV," AVWUonom\, NoY. 1988. 10. JoneV, B. "The Legac\ of EdZin HXbble," AVWUonom\, Dec. 1989. 11. Kanipe, J. "Too SmooWh: COBE'V PeUfecW uniYeUVe," AVWUonom\, JXne 1990. 12. KieUnan, v. "HoZ FaU Wo Whe Gala[ieV?" AVWUonom\, JXne 1989. 13. LeY\, D. "A GUand GaWheUing of Gala[ieV," AVWUonom\, MaU. 1991. 14. MaUchall, L. "SXpeUnoYa AfWeUmaWh," AVWUonom\, Feb. 1989. 15. MilleU, R. "E[peUimenWing ZiWh Gala[ieV," AmeUican ScienWiVW, MaU/ApU. 1992. 16. NoUWh, J. The MeaVXUe of Whe uniYeUVe: A HiVWoU\ of ModeUn CoVmolog\. DoYeU PXblicaWionV, Inc., 1990....
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ASTR 103 - References, Cosmology - 1/15/12 ASTR 103 -...

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