ASTR 103 - References, Stars

ASTR 103 - References, Stars - Astronomy, Aug. 1991. 6....

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1/15/12 ASTR 103 - References, Stars 1/1±jevans/astr103/References/ref_stars.html ASTR 103 - RefeUenceV SWaUV Last Modification: January 20, 2004 1. Graham-Smith, F. "Pulsars Toda\," Sept. 1990. 2. Kaler, J. "The Coolest Stars," Astronomy, Ma\ 1990. 3. Kaler, J. "The Largest Stars in the Gala[\," Astronomy, Oct. 1990. 4. Kaler, J. "The Brightest Stars in the Gala[\," Astronomy, Ma\ 1991. 5. Kaler, J. "The Faintest Stars,"
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Unformatted text preview: Astronomy, Aug. 1991. 6. Kaler, J. "The Smallest Stars in the Universe," Astronomy, Nov. 1991. 7. Kanipe, J. "Inside Orion's Stellar Nurser\," Astronomy , Aug. 1989. 8. White, R. "Globular Clusters: Fads and Fallacies," Sky & Telescope, Jan. 1991. 1995, J. C. Evans Physics & Astronomy Department, George Mason University Maintained by J. C. Evans;
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