ASTR 103 - References, Structure of the Universe

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1/15/12 ASTR 103 - References, Structure of the Universe 1/1±ns/±str103/References/ref_universeStructure.html ASTR 103 - RefeUenceV SWUXcWXUe of Whe uniYeUVe Last Modification: January 20, 2004 1. ChincaUini, G., and H. Rood. "The CoVmic TapeVWU\," Ma\ 1980. 2. De vaXcoXleXUV, G. "The DiVWance Scale of Whe uniYeUVe," Dec. 1983. 3. DUeVVleU, A. "The LaUge-Scale SWUeaming of Gala[ieV," Scientific American, SepW. 1987. 4. DUeVVleU, A. "ObVeUYing Gala[ieV ThUoXgh Time," AXg. 1991. 5. DUeVVleU, A. "Gala[ieV FaU AZa\ and Long Ago," ApU. 1993. 6. D\eU, A. "A NeZ Ma\ of Whe uniYeUVe," Astronomy , ApU. 1993. 7. FeUUiV, T. "wheUe AUe we Going?"
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Unformatted text preview: Ma\ 1987. 8. FienbeUg, R. "A uniYeUVe of BXbbleV and voidV," Sky & Telescope, SepW. 1990. 9. FienbeUg, R. "COBE ConfUonWV Whe Big Bang," Sky & Telescope, JXl\ 1992. 10. FinkbeineU, A. "The LaUge-Scale SWUXcWXUe of Whe uniYeUVe," Astronomy , NoY. 1984. 11. FinkbeineU, A. "Cold DaUk MaWWeU and Whe OUigin of Gala[ieV," Astronomy , ApU. 1985. 12. FinkbeineU, A. "The FaUWheVW Thing EYeU Seen," Sky & Telescope, OcW. 1986. 13. FlamVWeed, S. "PUobing Whe Edge of Whe uniYeUVe," Discover, JXl\ 1991. 14. FlamVWeed, S. "HoZ Big IV Whe uniYeUVe?" Discover, NoY. 1992. ± 1995, J. C. Evans Physics & Astronomy Department, George Mason University Maintained by J. C. Evans; [email protected]..
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