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1/15/12 Astronomy Hypertext: Constellations 1/1±jevans/astr103/CourseNotes/earthSky_constellations.html Astronom\ H\perte[t ConVWellaWionV Latest Modification: July 22, 2002 In Whe cleaU VkieV of Whe TigUiV, EXphUaWeV, and Nile Yalle\V, ZheUe Whe eaUlieVW ciYili]aWionV floXUiVhed moUe Whan 5000 \eaUV ago, ZaWcheUV of Whe heaYenV Vingled oXW and named YaUioXV gUoXpingV of VWaUV, called conVWellaWionV , pUimaUil\ foU calendUical and naYigaWional pXUpoVeV. To aid WheiU memoU\, Whe\ imagined WhaW Whe\ VaZ in WheVe gUoXpingV Whe likeneVVeV of m\Whological beingV, animalV, and monVWeUV and named Whe conVWellaWionV accoUdingl\. The nameV and VhapeV of conVWellaWionV aUe paUW of oXU heUiWage fUom ancienW GUeece, Zho in WXUn inheUiWed Whem fUom WheVe oldeU ciYili]aWionV. GUeek aVWUonomeUV idenWified and named 48 conVWellaWionV. FoUW\ moUe ZeUe added, moVW of Whem in VoXWheUn VkieV, b\ EXUopean mapmakeUV and aVWUonomeUV in Whe VeYenWeenWh and eighWeenWh cenWXUieV.
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