Astronomy Hypertext_ Greek Natural Philosophy

Astronomy Hypertext_ Greek Natural Philosophy - 1/15/12...

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Unformatted text preview: 1/15/12 Astronomy Hypertext: Greek Natural Philosophy 1/2 Astronom\ H\perte[t Greek Natural Philosoph\ Latest Modification: Jul\ 22, 2002 The ancienW GUeekV UefeUUed Wo Whe niYeUVe aV Whe coVmoV, Zhich implied Wo Whem moUe Whan jXVW ph\Vical e[iVWence: WheiU concepW ZaV WhaW of a ph\Vical V\VWem WhaW haV oUdeU, haUmon\, and beaXW\ among iWV paUWV and in Whe d\namic and coheUenW aUUangemenW of WhoVe paUWV. AccoUding Wo AUiVWoWle (384-322 B.C.), Whe daZn of V\VWemaWic VcienWific Whinking began in Whe Vi[Wh cenWXU\ B.C. in Whe Hellenic ciWieV of Ionia in ZeVWeUn AVia MinoU. The WimeV ZeUe WhoVe folloZing Whe HomeUic peUiod (900-700 B.C.) Zhen Whe eaVWeUn end of Whe MediWeUUanean ZaV in gUeaW XpheaYal becaXVe of Whe inYaVion and deVWUXcWion of Whe highl\ deYeloped ciYili]aWionV of KnoVVXV, M\cenae, P\laV, and oWheUV. ThiV eUa can be compaUed Wo WhaW folloZing Whe Ue-emeUgence WhaW Wook place in EXUope cenWXUieV laWeU afWeU Whe collapVe of Whe Roman EmpiUe. The Ionian ciWieV ZeUe pUoVpeUoXV and inYolYed in Zide-Uanging commeUce. nfoUWXnaWel\ liWWle UemainV of WheiU ZUiWWen We[WV fUom WhaW peUiod. whaW Ze haYe aUe commenWaUieV b\ laWeU ZUiWeUV, VXch aV AUiVWoWle, of Whe philoVophical acWiYiWieV WhaW began in Ionia. EYen WhoXgh Ze haYe onl\ fUagmenWV of WheiU ZoUk oU heaUVa\ UepoUWV conceUning WheVe pUe-SocUaWic philoVopheUV, enoXgh of GUeek philoVoph\ of Whe...
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Astronomy Hypertext_ Greek Natural Philosophy - 1/15/12...

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