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Astronomy - Astronomy Hypertext Phases of the Moon As tronom H perte t Phases of the Moon Lat est Modif icat ion The dail i ing and e ing of he S n

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1/15/12 Astronomy Hypertext: Phases of the Moon 1/1«/cyclicPhenomena_phasesMoon.html Astronom\ H\perte[t Phases of the Moon Latest Modification: July 22, 2002 The dail\ UiVing and VeWWing of Whe SXn, Whe \eaU of Whe SXn'V VeaVonV, and Whe monWhl\ peUiod foU Whe phaVeV of Whe Moon ZeUe impoUWanW c\clic eYenWV foU ancienW peopleV. All WheVe UepeWiWiYe c\cleV ZeUe impoUWanW Wo Whem in eVWabliVhing boWh a concepW of Wime and a meanV of maUking iWV paVVage. OXU XndeUVWanding of Whe UeaVonV foU Whe Moon'V phaVeV pUedaWeV eYen AUiVWoWle, Zho ZaV aZaUe WhaW Whe Moon "VhineV" b\ UeflecWing VXnlighW. The paUallel Ua\V of Whe diVWanW SXn alZa\V illXminaWe one-half Whe Moon'V VXUface aV Zell aV one hemiVpheUe of Whe EaUWh; Zhen Whe Moon iV YiVible, Ze aUe Veeing Ua\V of VXnlighW UeflecWed off Whe Moon'V VXUface. when Whe Moon iV beWZeen Whe EaUWh and Whe SXn--Whe Wime of a new moon --iWV daUk Vide faceV XV, and Ze do noW Vee iW aW all. BecaXVe Whe Moon moYeV eaVWZaUd UelaWiYe Wo boWh Whe SXn and
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