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Astronomy Hypertext_ Private and Public Practice

Astronomy Hypertext_ Private and Public Practice -...

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Unformatted text preview: 1/15/12 Astronomy Hypertext: Private and Public Practice As tronom H perte t P i a e and P blic P ac ice Lat est Modif icat ion: Jul 22, 2002 I I . N .T , N , N , . P i a e ci ence , . P bl i c ci ence, . , U . I .I , , , .F , D (1596- 1650), N , L (1646- 1716), .P .B .W .H P '(18541912) , "...inte lle ctual be aut is s ufficie nt unto its e lf, and it is for its s ake , more pe rhaps than for the future good of humanit , that the s cie ntis t de vote s hims e lf to long and difficult labors ." H ?O , , , .F .A , , . C , .F I . , , , , , physics.gmu.edu/~jevans/astr103/ . /science_privatePublicPractice.html 1/2 1/15/12 Astronomy Hypertext: Private and Public Practice Science depend on he co ec ob e a ion and cla ifica ion of fac , and e no hing can be mo e decep i e han fac . A no ed b Aldo H le (1894- 1963), "Facts are ve ntriloquis ts ' dummie s ; s itting on a wis e man's kne e the ma be made to utte r words of wis dom; e ls e whe re , the s a nothing, or talk nons e ns e , or indulge in s he e r diabolis m." Pa of he p oblem i h fac i ha i i i all impo ible o di c hem i ho ind lging in ome n poken in e p e a ion o h po he i . Fac canno be di ce ned b hem el e i ho in ellec al ool fo handling o en e imp e ion . Scien i do ha e p econcep ion o " heme " and do e hem in de eloping fac abo phenomena. Thi admi ion eem o con adic he pop la no ion ha he fi ep in cience i o abandon all p ej dgmen . Ho e e , e con end ha i ho p econcep ion one canno concei e ne ho gh . I i ho gh ha gi e cien i ' e e o pe cei e he o ld. And in ho , he pa e n e pe cei e hen e no e "a fac " i o gani ed and in e p e ed b a hole em of ho gh , a i de , memo ie , belief , and lea ned con c . To nde and e en he imple ob e a ion , each cien i place ha ob e a ion in he con e of a di illed i dom of cience a an in i ion. A o bea if ll a ed b Si Michael Fo e (1836- 1907), "What we are is in part onl of our making. The gre ate r part of ours e lve s has come down to us from the pas t. What we know and what we think is not a ne w fountain gus hing fre s h from the barre n rock of the unknown at the s troke of the rod of our own inte lle ct: It is a s tre am which flows b us and through us , fe d b the far off rivule ts of long ago." 1995, J. C. Ev ans Physics & Ast ronomy Depart ment , George Mason Univ ersit y Maint ained by J. C. Ev ans; j ev [email protected] physics.gmu.edu/~jevans/astr103/ /science_privatePublicPractice.html 2/2 ...
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