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ISU Physics Labs FAQ

ISU Physics Labs FAQ - ISU Physics Labs FAQ Frequently...

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Unformatted text preview: 1/15/12 ISU Physics Labs FAQ Frequently Asked Questions PHYS 101L 153, 113, 213, 114, 214 W h ere are th e l ab rooms? In th e Ph ysical Sciences Buil ding, rooms PS 126 (PHYS 153) and 127/114 (113, 213, 114, 214) on th e Pocatel l o campus, and in th e Center f or High er Education (CHE 209) on th e Idah o Fal l s campus. W h en do l abs start? See th e course syl l abus or cl ass sch edul e f or your l ab. A compl ete sch edul e f or each l ab is avail abl e f or downl oading on th e individual l ab web sites. How do I obtain a course s l l abus? You may downl oad a course syl l abus f rom th e web site f or th e l ab. See your cl ass sch edul e f or th e U RL, or go to h ttp://www.ph ysics.isu.edu/ h ackmart/cl asses.h tml and f ol l ow th e l inks. How do I obtain a l ab manual ? Lab manual s are provided f ree of ch arge and may be obtained by downl oading f rom th e l ab web sites. I can't get th e l ink f or m l ab manual to open. W h at do I do? You h ave eith er an error in your browser conf iguration, a networking probl em, or th e A crobat Reader pl ug in is not instal l ed on th e mach ine you are using. If you are using a computer on campus th e computer h el p desk consul tants sh oul d be abl e to h el p you. If you are using an of f campus account ch eck with your system administrator. W e recommend eith er Mozil l a Firef ox or IE 5.0+ f or browsing and A crobat 6.0+ f or PDF documents. A l l are avail abl e, f ree, as downl oads f rom th e f ol l owing sources:microsof t.com, mozil l a.org, adobe.com. I h ave th e A crobat pl ug in and can open th e l ink f or m l ab manual but I am h aving dif f icul ties printing it. W h at sh oul d I do? You are experiencing eith er network dif f icul ties, a memory probl em or a printer conf iguration probl em. Contact your system administrator. Th e f ol l owing l ink provides many h el pf ul troubl esh ooting h ints f or printing documents in PDF f ormat. I can't get eith er of th e video f ormats to open on m Mac/PC/IPod/Bl ackberr /abacus, wh at do I d o? You need th e proper codec instal l ed on your device to open th e f il e in th e f ormat you've www.physics.isu.edu/ hackmart/labfaq.htm 1/3 1/15/12 ISU Physics Labs FAQ .A .D . W h at el se do I need? E .A .E .Y ID # . I am enrol l ed in a l ab th at requires a l ab notebook. I h ave a l ab notebook f rom a previous semester. Ma I tear out th e ol d pages and use it th is semester? N.Y .I ( . . , 113/ 114, 213/ 214) , ( ), . U .T . W h at is th e l ab cal cul ator pol ic ? T TI-30XA ( - ) .I , , .T .U .I' TI30XA . W h at h appens if I miss a l ab? T " " , , . S .T ( ). I . W h en are th e l ab f inal s? L .S .S PHYS101L . W h ere are th e l ab f inal s h el d? I .A - . W h en wil l l ab grades be posted? How ma I see m f inal ? A .Y / 1 .Y www.physics.isu.edu/ hackmart/labfaq.htm 2/3 1/15/12 ISU Physics Labs FAQ . F .T .L .B , " / " .L . I TA .A .A . I just l ooked at th e f inal grade spreadsh eet and I am one point sh ort of th e grade th at I wanted. W h o do I see about getting an additional point? O ( ) - " , - , ". I ., , .I . W h at h appens if m l ab and/or l ab f inal is cancel ed due to U niversit cl osure? I U . I am h aving a sch edul ing probl em and ma h ave to miss more th an one l ab during th e course of th e semester. Y .O .S .S " . M www.physics.isu.edu/ hackmart/labfaq.htm " Q ? 3/3 ...
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