Solar images at SDAC

Solar images at SDAC - Sola image a SDAC Current solar...

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SolaU imageV aW SDAC 1/3 XmbUa.naVcom.naVa.goY/imageV/laWeVW.hWml Current solar images Click on any of the following thumbnail images for the most recent, full-resolution solar image of each type in the SDAC archive. The time and date of each image is below the image description. All times are in coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Images from the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) Atmospheric Imaging Assembly (AIA) Fe XVIII 94 ± Fe XX 131 ± Fe IX/X 171 ± Fe XII 193 ± Fe XIV 211 ± 2012/01/16 04:36:02 2012/01/16 04:36:57 2012/01/16 04:36:00 2012/01/16 04:36:55 2012/01/16 04:36:48 He II 304 ± Fe XVI 335 ± cont. + C IV 1600 ± continuum 1700 ± continuum 4500 ± 2012/01/16 04:36:08 2012/01/16 04:36:51 2012/01/16 04:36:17 2012/01/16 04:36:07 2012/01/16 04:00:08 A Note on Color Tables The color tables used to display AIA images here are the ones used to display similar bandpasses for 6OHO EIT and STEREO EUVI images. The color tables preferred by the AIA Principal Investigator Team can be found in the images at the LMSAL Sun Today site. Color tables for the 94, 131, and 335 ± bandpasses are still under development.
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Solar images at SDAC - Sola image a SDAC Current solar...

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