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Unformatted text preview: are attracting the audience you want to reach, and whether they are getting your message. they Be flexible from the start. Be Make simple prototypes. Run your creations by your group members/peers. creations The Other Kind of Content The The client’s message isn’t the only content that’s important to the website. Web visitors are not a captive audience. You must grab their attention! must In exchange for the time they spend at your site or using your service, visitors want information they can apply, tools they can use, beauty they can enjoy, games they can play, freebies they can download, or links to other interesting sites they can visit. sites Technology Is Not Content Technology It can be tempting to show off your up-to-the-minute technological up minute prowess by embellishing a service with ‘bells and whistles’. with Too many bells and whistles can make a site’s content harder to get to. to. Nothing you build into the experience should dilute or detract from your project goals. detract What Technology Can Do What Motion, sound, interactivity, and the standard well-designed static standard designed graphics, can help engage visitors in your site, and can also help them remember it. remember Technology, when used intelligently, can reinforce your message, or present information in new and interesting ways. Matching the Technology to the Audience Audience High-tech audience → high-tech High tech tech website with all the latest gadgets and plugins. and General audience → tried and tested tried technologies. Using the latest technology could isolate your site from visitors who aren’t well from well equipped to experience it. equipped Other Technological Considerations Considerations User computer connection and processor speeds. processor Screen size. Screen Browser version. Browser HTML tag issues. HTML Beware Flash Beware Macromedia Flash is a wonderful graphical tool for enhancing your project when used properly. for Unfortunately, Flash is one of the most abused technologies out there (see examples later). technologies As one of my favorite web design authors As succinctly put it: succinctly “What happened was that Flash came alon...
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