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Combine content effectively production into a

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Unformatted text preview: esign that make sense for the project, gathering content. gathering • Production. Combine content effectively Production. into a comprehensive interface into • Testing & Redesign … Time Considerations Time Everything about designing and producing an interactive project takes time: • • • time time time to to to learn what works on the web learn the tools of site production produce the finished product Achieving a good design is HARD! It HARD! It doesn’t come naturally to most, and you won’t get it first time. won’t Identify Purpose Identify Target the problem you want the website/interactive service to solve. website/interactive Be problem specific. The better you are at defining the desired target, the better you’ll be at developing a solution that works, and recognizing when it doesn’t work. when Choose the right delivery method. Why the Web? Why Identify Audience Identify You need to determine the audience you are targeting so that you can make your design solution as relevant and aesthetically compelling to your particular viewers as possible. viewers You’ll also need some practical information about the equipment your audience uses to connect to the Web. to Shaping the Solution Shaping If your client needs to improve brand awareness, then your strategy will be to ensure that visitors leave the site with the knowledge that your client’s brand is equal to or better than the competition. competition. For a nonprofit organization, or even for the customer support division of a for-profit business, customer profit the environment you design will be different still – one that ensures that the information and one resources that your visitors seek are easily available. available. Always design with a goal in mind. Don’t get carried away in aesthetic fluff, and ornamental irrelevance. ornamental Shaping and Reshaping Shaping You can’t just design a site, hand it over to your clients, and walk away. to Built into your site should be a way of assessing whether you...
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