Create a storyboard ask yourself whether the content

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Unformatted text preview: or the user. No one knows better than the designer the best way to experience the site. site. Make this golden path obvious to users without forcing them into a linear presentation. presentation. Create a storyboard. Ask yourself whether the content or organization can be simplified, made more intuitive or powerful. or Gathering Assets Gathering The next step in the process of developing the project is to determine where you will get the all content, or assets (all the text, visual, and audio assets (all elements). elements). As you gather some materials and plan to create or buy others, it will be important to set standard for the way the assets will look and sound, and how everything will be approved, processed, delivered, and backed up. delivered, To end up with a cohesive Web site, it’s important to establish clear standards for content, and make sure everyone understands content and and follows them. and Make asset-gathering a group activity. Make Keeping the Goal in Mind Keeping As your project is assembled, remember to stay focused on communicating what the visitor needs to take away from the site and on making the visit as positive an experience as possible. experience If you’re in doubt how far to push the technology and your capabilities with it, keep in mind that simplicity is often best. is The Creative Process & Graphics Design Techniques Laying a Foundation Laying Once an overall metaphor or style has been determined for a particular project, the background becomes the visual foundation for all of the other graphics. of Whether the interactive experience is going to be friendly, high-tech, or surreal is determined in friendly, tech, large part by the background graphics. large There are almost no limits to the imagery, style, and techniques that can be used to create a background. background. Tiled patters or simplified graphics with large areas of flat color take advantage of lossless compression technologies using run-lengthcompression encoding in the file formats such as GIF and PNG. D...
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