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Unformatted text preview: g, and “What all these punk teen designers abandoned userall friendly interfaces to run amuck in a swamp of friendly whirling polygonal irrelevance.” – Curt Cloninger whirling Curt Cloninger Metaphor Metaphor Establish a unified metaphor for your project site/service. site/service. Once the concept has been developed, it’s time to design the front-end that you’ll use to deliver to the site’s content to its visitors. the If your site design uses a metaphor, it will provide a sort of physical reality for the mental space that visitors inhabit while they are there. space Consider not only how well the metaphor will work to carry your message and appeal to your audience, but also whether the metaphor is one you’ll be able to use consistently throughout the site. site. Personality Personality Your service will need its own unique identity and personality for it to stand out. stand Will the delivery of your information be funny, techy, hip, grungy, or formal? formal? Whatever you choose, be consistent. consistent. Style Style One of the most important contributors to the flavor of your design is its style – its its layout, graphics, typefaces, colors, and so on. on. The layout of the site needs to be flexible enough to support changing content and different media types. different Make use of dimensionality – the human the world isn’t flat. world Try to match your metaphor with your style. style. Site Organization Site Most people approach a website with two questions in mind: “What’s here for me? And how do I get to it?” do When you organize the information in a Web site, you’ll feel the tension between wanting to make lots of options available on the surface so visitors don’t have to do a lot of digging, and wanting to give visitors a head start on sorting out what’s important. important. In general there should be no more than 6 to 10 main options available on-screen at one time. main Guide The User Guide Create a ‘path of least resistance’ f...
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