Use combine bw elements with bright solid color for a

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Unformatted text preview: Blurring Stroke effects Rollovers Other Graphics Ideas Other Fit text to paths. Fit Use text as a mask on other images. Use Punch out shapes from other graphics. Punch Use texturing on lines. Use Group similar elements. Group Use vibrant colors & contrasts. Use Combine B&W elements with bright solid color for a stunning effect. color Combine text with images. Combine Other Design Reminders Other The Navigational Interface The The navigational interface should fit the metaphor you decided upon. metaphor The navigational interface should be almost transparent, and should not obstruct the information the user is trying to reach. information The interface should always indicate the current location of the user, and should provide methods of retracing their steps. of The interface links should be descriptive if they have a text component, and any icons used should reflect the destination page content. should The Role of The Homepage The Establishes the purpose and message of the site. the Reveals the main navigational categories. Reveals Sets the tone and style for the rest of the site. site. Initiates the metaphor. Initiates NOTE: avoid unnecessary splash pages – they often add absolutely nothing to the they site. site. Communicate with clarity. If you are clarity If ambiguous you will lose your audience. ambiguous Use a common syntax and clear common and imagery and symbols that your audience imagery and will be familiar with. will Maintain design and content consistency. consistency Take advantage of contrast. contrast Strive to make your design uncluttered. uncluttered Remember the Web is a dynamic communication medium with many communication medium possibilities for information representation. representation. Use the visitor’s senses to draw them in. senses Other Project Tips Other Schedule weekly 2-hour group meetings Schedule hour to discuss the project progress, design, pending tasks, project roles, technical issues. Come with questions and ideas for your peers. your Use prototyping to evaluate multiple possible designs, and get feedback from the whole team. the If you are coding parts of your project, use Concurrent Versioning System (CVS) to solve version issues within your development team, and to streamline backups and module checkouts. backups Extra Help Extra See the course website for references & books. references See either Prof. Barrett or myself for project design advice. project Visit IS for help with setting up servers on servers Thinking Critically About Websites & Interactive Services Interactive (class discussion of sites)...
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