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Unformatted text preview: Intelligent (Web) Design Intelligent THE STATE OF AFFAIRS THE Graphic design on the corporate web is largely bland, passionless, and largely unengaging. unengaging. Why is this? It is the constant mantra of today’s usability expert that a site requires more than front-end style to more end succeed. succeed. The usability experts got together and basically dismissed large elements of creative web design completely. completely. They declared rigorous site-building They building ‘laws’ rather than the mere ‘guidelines’ they claim to offer. ‘guidelines’ Corporations became very wary of bad usability. bad The bad mentality that the web is only big enough for a few types of sites has been persistent. After all, why reinvent the wheel? To dismiss front-end design as mere To end ‘icing’ is to jeopardize the success of any site. any The Solution: Personal Passion The • In order to move beyond a conservative, In copycat style, you must look beyond the inbred corporate web to the personal sites of today’s leading web designers. of • Visitors should be able to ‘feel’ your sites. Visitors The web is not a database. It is a communications medium. communications The purposes of this talk are to: The • Discuss the design process that will help Discuss you to design a valuable website/interface/service. website/interface/service. • Outline do’s and don'ts. • Discuss graphic design concepts that Discuss will help improve the aesthetics of your projects. projects. • Point you in the right direction for Point further help. further • Help you to think critically about Help websites and interactive services. websites Web Design Web Coming Up: • The design process • Intelligent design • Important considerations • Beware Flash • Do’s and don’ts The Design Process The Stages: Stages: • Develop the concept. It’s here at the Develop beginning of the project that you have to answer some critical questions. to • Design phase: choosing technologies D...
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