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Unformatted text preview: on’t Underestimate Text Don’t Text and its wide range of typefaces can be a very powerful tool in establishing a ‘look’ for your site. site. Don’t automatically assume that you have to have lots of images. have Text can be made quite versatile. Use graphics programs to incorporate special typefaces, text orientations, dimensional effects, and coloring. orientations, Use keywords that help deliver your message. The user will naturally be drawn to them. The If you can combine an intelligent use of text graphics with contrast and color, you’ll be well on your way to an attractive solution. your Content Purpose Content For every graphic or special visual page element you incorporate into your design (e.g. icons, logos, flash elements) ask yourself: “What message does this element convey?” “What is it’s purpose on the page?” page?” If you find yourself dropping in lots of random clipart, unlabelled or non-functional graphics, stop and slap unlabelled functional yourself. yourself. Everything you incorporate into your pages should send a message, and promote consistency with the rest of the design. rest Avoid ornamental embellishments that add no value to your site and just slow the experience for the user as they wait to download it. as Asset Sources Asset One of the biggest challenges in creating a large interactive project is how to create all of the stunning visuals you need to communicate ideas. communicate Creative combinations of stock photos and digital clip art can be invaluable. digital Develop your graphics by adapting images you find online. you If you are up to it, create all your own graphics using Photoshop, Fireworks and other tools like digital cameras. other Graphics Techniques Graphics If you are creating your own graphics, consider using the following techniques to enhance the visuals in your projects: enhance • • • • • • • • Shadowing Beveling, & Embossing Color gradients, Lighting Effects Filtering Motion trails...
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