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siteplan_metaphor - What abstract idea characterizes your...

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Web site planning: metaphor 1. What is a metaphor ? In a communications project, a metaphor can be thought of as associations, emotional reaction, experience, relationship with your audience. To illustrate this point, consider Apple's Think Different campaign. 2. Examples Foreign Languages & Literature . Sloan School Ocean Engineering MIT Libraries Fixed size(absolute) table format: Graduate Student Office top page Flexible table format: Graduate Student Office sub pages Bates College Home page variations gallery and the publishing plan . Campus Dining 3. How do you develop a metaphor? Ask these questions: What business is the client REALLY in? (Detroit example.)
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What makes this business/department/etc. different from others on in the world?
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Unformatted text preview: What abstract idea characterizes your site? What is the personality of the site? What should its personality be? What associations does it bring up? Similar terms in the industry: identity, brand. If you replace the "name" of the site, would it still work for someone else/another company? If so, you still haven't found the unique design for the site. 4. Discussion pages Name the unstated. What is it like? What associations does it bring up? Steinway Pianos New York Times CMS Campus Committee on Race Relations Electric Postcards Division of Comparative Medicine Alumni Network Services...
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