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A. Manalaysay – PHY2054, Fall 2004 CHAPTER 21 Most of this chapter was skipped. What your book calls “Maxwell’s predictions” are really called Maxwell’s Equations. I think basically the main thing you should understand is that from these it is seen that oscillating magnetic fields produce oscillating electric fields, and likewise, oscillating electric fields produce oscillating magnetic fields. One produces the other, so if you produce one, an electromagnetic wave propagates at the speed of light: Electromagnetic radiation carries energy, so you can think of a beam of light (or other electromagnetic radiation) as energy in motion… kind of like power. The actual amount of power depends on how “spread out” the light beam is, so we have formulas for the average power per unit area, S: Where E max or B max is the amplitude of the electric or magnetic field. Light can also exert a force (typically this concept is called “radiation pressure”… fancy term, it just means light exerts a force). You might remember from PHY2053 that if you
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