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ch23_review - A Manalaysay PHY2054 Fall 2004 CHAPTER 23...

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A. Manalaysay – PHY2054, Fall 2004 CHAPTER 23 Real image -- when light actually passes through the image; it is inverted Imaginary image -- the opposite of a real image; it is upright The image is not always the same size as the object which created it. The magnification is defined as: --- Definition of magnification Spherical Mirrors : p is the distance from the object to the mirror q is the distance from the image to the mirror f is the focal length = half the radius of curvature. See figure 23.10 on page 719: if you shine parallel beams of light onto a spherical mirror, they intersect at the focal point. Sign Conventions for Spherical Mirrors Quantity Positive When… Negative When… Object location (p) Object in front of mirror Object in back of mirror Image location (q) Image in front of mirror Image in back of mirror Image height (h’ ) Image is upright Image is inverted f and R Mirror is concave Mirror is convex Thin Lenses : p and q are the same as above (not their signs though) R 1
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