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PHY2054 - Summer, 2006 Calculating Your Grade My efforts to post your grades on WebAssign (so far) haven't worked. Here's how to figure it out for yourself. 1. Add your Exams 1 & 2 scores (20 points, max, each) and multiply the result by 1.15. This normalizes them to 46% of the total. 2. Divide your final exam score by 0.65, normalizing it to 23%. Add this to the above. 3. To this number add your discussion score (maximum 23 points)
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Omit your two lowest WebAssign scores, add the remaining ones, and divide the total by 0.06 (maximum 8 points). Add this number to the above total 5. The result should be a number less than 100. This is your final percentage score. Letter grades are based on percentage scores as follows: A 80 up B+ 74 - 79 B 65 - 74 C+ 60 - 64 C 49 - 59 D+ 44 - 48 D 39 - 44 E below 39...
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