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grdest - PHY2054 Summer 2006 Estimating your grade or...

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PHY2054 - Summer, 2006 Estimating your grade or pass-fail chances We get inquiries every term from students who want us to tell them the grade they are likely to make in our classes (!!!!!). This is impossible . Why? Because we are not clairvoyant: we cannot predict exactly where the letter grade cut- offs will be. These are determined only after all of the data have been averaged, including the final exam which is a few weeks in the future. Some of you are asking questions like: "What do I need to score on the final exam in order to pass the course?" Or “..to make a grade of ___?” We can't answer those either, for the same obvious reasons. If you wish to make your own estimate of your final percentage score and 'guesstimate' your approximate grade or pass-fail chances, here is a way to proceed. It’s what I would do if you came in and insisted that I make an estimate …… BUT Please note that the following is for your estimating purposes only.
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