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Quiz II PHY2054 3808 Sept. 1, 2009 1. Five identical charges of +1μC are located on the 5 vertices of a regular hexagon of 1 m side leaving one vertex empty. A −1μC point charge is placed at the center of the hexagon. Find the magnitude and direction of the net Coulomb force on this charge. Note that there is only one uncompensated force between the central negative charge and the one positive charge located at the west edge. All other forces cancel. That force (on the central charge) is directed towards west (-x^ direction) and is of magnitude N a kq F 3 2 12 9 2 2 10 9 1 10 1 10 9 / - - × = × × = = 2. Two small identical conducting balls, insulated from their surroundings and separated by a large distance, have charges 2.6μC and −1.2μC, respectively. The balls are then touched together and then brought back to their original positions. If F 1 is the magnitude of the force between the balls before contact and
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