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PHY2054 – Discussion Section Syllabus Times: TR 6 th period (12:50-1:40) in NPB 1220 TR 7 th period (1:55-2:45) in NPB 1011 TR 9 th period (4:05-4:55) in NPB 1011 Instructor: Alix Preston Office: NPB 1224 Email: [email protected] Website: TBA Office Hours: TBA Description: The purpose of the recitation class is to apply the concepts learned in the PHY2054 lectures to the solution of physics problems. Your success in PHY2054 is based in very large part on your ability to solve problems correctly and efficiently. In the recitation classes, we will learn how to solve problems similar to those that will appear on the exams. You should attend all the recitation classes and work through all the homework problems.
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Unformatted text preview: Grading: The recitation class will constitute 20% of your grade in PHY2054. Your recitation class grade is based on quizzes, in class problems, and homework. The two lowest quiz grades will be dropped. Homework counts toward 5% of your grade and will be graded on completion/effort, additional problems done in class will count as another 5%, and quizzes count toward 10% of your PHY2054 grade. Makeup Policy: There are no makeup quizzes since I’m dropping the two lowest quiz grades . Late Policy: Late homework is not accepted. Homework is to be turned in at the beginning of class. Since homework is based on completion, I will only drop the lowest homework grade....
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