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Bibliography January 14 - BIBLIOGRAPHY STA6934, SPRING 2007...

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B IBLIOGRAPHY STA6934, S PRING 2007 J ANUARY 14, 2007 Abramson, G; Giuggioli, L; Kenkre, VM; Dragoo, JW; Parmenter, RR; Parmenter, CA; Yates, TL Diffusion and home range parameters for rodents: Peromyscus maniculants in New Mexico ECOLOGICAL COMPLEXITY MAR 2006 3(1): 64- 70 Aebischer, N. J., Robertson, P. A. and Kenward, R. E. 1993. Compositional Analysis of Habitat Use from Animal Radio-Tracking Data. Ecology, 74(5): 1313-1325. Agostinelli, C. 2006 (Preprint). Robust Estimation for Circular Data Using R. Aitchison, J., Mateu-Figueras, G. and Ng, K. W. 2003. Characterization of Distributional Forms for Compositional Data and Associated Distributional Tests. Mathematical Geology, 35(6): 667-680. Alberts, T.; Karunamuni, R.J. 2003. A semiparametric method of boundary correction for kernel density estimation. Statistics & Probability Letters 61: 287-298. Alldredge, J. R., D. L. Thomas, and L. L. McDonald. 1998. Survey and comparison of methods for study of resource selection. Journal of Agricultural, Biological, and Environmental Statistics, 3 :237-253. Altmann, J. 1974. Observational study of behavior, sampling methods. Behaviour, 49, 227-267. Amstrup, S. C., T. L. McDonald, and G. M. Durner. 2004. Using satellite radiotelemetry data to delineate and manage wildlife populations. Wildlife Society Bulletin, 32 :661-679. Anderson, D. J., 1982. The home range: a new non-parametric estimation technique. Ecology, 63, 103-112. Andreassen, H.P., Hertzberg, K. and Ims, R.K. 1998. Space-use responses to habitat fragmentation and connectivity in the root vole (Mirotus oeconomus). Ecology 79(4): 1223-1235. Arthur, S. M. 1996. Assessing habitat selection when availability changes. Ecology 77(1): 215- 227. Augustine, D. J. 2004. Influence of cattle management on habitat selection by impala on central Kenyan rangeland. Journal Of Wildlife Management 68(4): 916-923. Baas, J. H. 2000. EZ-ROSE: a computer program for equal-area circular histograms and statistical analysis of two-dimensional vectorial data. Computers & Geosciences 26(2): 153-166 Ball, S. J., Ramsey, D., Nugent, G., Warburton, B. and Efford, M. 2005. A method for estimating wildlife detection probabilities in relation to home range use: insights from a field study on the common brushtail possum (Trichosurus vulpecula). Wildlife Research 32, 217- 227. Bartumeus, F., Da Luz, M. G. E., Viswanathan, G. M., and Catalan, J. 2005. Animal search strategies: a quantitative random-walk analysis. Ecology 86(11): 3078-3087. Bastin, L., Rollason, J., Hilton, A. C., Pillay, D. G., Corcoran, C., Elgy, J., Lambert, P., Worthington, T., De, P., and Burrows, K. 2006. Assessing spatial clustering of MRSA with stochastic simulations, kernel estimation and SATSCAN. Proceedings of the 7 th International Symposium on Spatial Accuracy Assessment in natural Resources and Environmental Sciences, ed. M. Caetano and M. Painho. Benhamou, S. 2004. How to reliably estimate the tortuosity of an animal’s path: straightness,
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Bibliography January 14 - BIBLIOGRAPHY STA6934, SPRING 2007...

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