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Bibliography STA6934 Spring 2007 - More Bibliographic...

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More Bibliographic Citations for STA 6934, Spring 2007 24 January 2007 Allaart, P. 2004. Stopping the maximum of a correlated random walk, with cost for observation. J. Applied Probability, 41(4): 998-1007. Anderson, A. R. A., Sleeman, B. D., Young, I. M., and Griffiths, B. S. 1997. Nematode movement along a chemical gradient in a structurally heterogeneous environment .2. Theory. Fundamental and Applied Nematology, 20(2): 165-172. Arnold, B. C. and SenGupta, A. 2006. Probability distributions and statistical inference for axial data. Environ. Ecol. Statistics 13: 271-285. Atkinson, P. R. D., Rhodes, C. J., Macdonald, D. W., and Anderson, R. M. 2002. Scale-free dynamics in the movement patterns of jackals. OIKOS, 98(1): 134-140. Austin, D., Bowen, W. D., and McMillan, J. I. 2004. Intraspecific variation in movement patterns: modeling individual behaviour in a large marine predator. OIKOS, 105(1): 15- 30. Avens, L. and Lohmann, K. J. 2003. Use of multiple orientation cues by juvenile loggerhead sea turtles Caretta caretta. J. Experimental Biology, 206:4317-4325. Avery, R. 2006. A closed form solution of a discrete correlated random walk. J. Difference Equations and Applications, 12(9): 949-956. Bailey, H., and Thompson, P. 2006. Quantitative analysis of bottlenose dolphin movement patterns and their relationship with foraging. J. Animal Ecology, 75(2): 456-465. Baloga, S. M., and Glaze, L. S. 2003. Pahoehoe transport as a correlated random walk. J. Geophysical Research-Solid Earth, 108(81): 2031. Banks, J. E., and Yasenak, C. L. 2003. Effects of plot vegetation diversity and spatial scale on Coccinella septempunctata movement in the absence of prey. Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata, 108(3): 197-204. Bartumeus, F., Da Luz, M. G. E., Viswanathan, G. M., and Catalan, J. 2005. Animal search strategies: a quantitative, random-walk analysis. Ecology, 86(11): 3078-3087. Bascompte, J., and Vita, C. 1997. Fractals and search paths in mammals. Landscape Ecology, 12(4): 213-221. Belova, I. V., and Murch, G. E. 2002. Tracer diffusion in the concentrated lattice gas with self- excitation. Defects and Diffusion in Semiconductors – Defects and Diffusion Forum, 210-2: 55-59. Benhamou, S. 2006. Detecting an orientation component in animal paths when the preferred direction is individual-dependent. 87(2): 518-528. Bergman, C. M., Schaefer, J. A., and Luttich, S. N. 2000. Caribou movement as a correlated random walk. OECOLOGIA, 123(3): 364-374. Bidaux, R., and Boccara, N. 2000. Correlated random walks with a finite memory range. International J. Modern Physics C, 21(5): 921-947. Blackshaw, R. P., and Goodwin, T. 2004. Comoplex patterns from simple decisions: the emergence of behaviours in Otiorhynchus suicatus F. Agricultural and Forest Entomology, 6(4): 285-290. Bohm, W. 2002. Multivariate Lagrange inversion and the maximum of a persistent random walk.
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Bibliography STA6934 Spring 2007 - More Bibliographic...

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