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project - semester Whichever you choose you will also be...

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Project for Stat 4930/6934 - Fall 2003 Details You can work in groups of at most two. You will have two choices regarding the content of your project: 1. Critically analyze a dataset. The dataset must 1) have a time to event response, 2) must include covariates, 3) must be your ’own data’ (i don’t want you to find data on the web to analyze. You will be required to write up a summary of your analysis which should include, 1) description of the data, 2) objectives/questions of interest, 3) description of methods used, 4) results, 5) conclusion/discussion. The paper should be a maximum of 15 pages includes tables and figures. DO NOT include computer code or output! 2. Write up to a 10 page paper covering an extension to the methods discussed in class. Your main source for this can be other textbooks and/or papers from the literature. The choices students make here will impact what ’additional’ topics are covered near the end of the
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Unformatted text preview: semester. Whichever you choose, you will also be required to give a 20 minute presentation during the last week of class summarizing your findings. Each member of the group should present about an equal amount of time. For the first type of project, it will be like a ’research’ talk; for the second type, you will be teaching the class about these ’new’ methods. Grading You will be graded on both the paper and the presentation (as a group). This project will account for ??% of your grade. Deadlines Oct 15 Submit names of people in group by email Oct 31 Hand in a one page summary of what you will be doing (either a short description of your data or a summary of the methods you will be exploring, including references) Nov. 5 I will let you know if project is ok Dec. 5, 8, 10 Presentations...
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