Syllabus - Thermal Physics - PHY 3513

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Thermal Physics - PHY 3513 Instructor: Dr. Stephen Hill Office: 2263 New Physics Building Tel: (352) 392-5711 E-mail: Lab: B158 New Physics Bldg. Lab Phone: (352) 392 1062 Class Hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday, period 7 (1:55–2:45pm) in 1101 NPB Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday, 2:45 - 3:50 pm (after class), or any other time you can find me. Textbook: Classical and Statistical Thermodynamics , by Ashley Carter (Prentice Hall) Grading Weekly graded homework will count 30% towards your final grade In-class quizzes will count 10% towards your final grade The best 2 scores out of 3 in-class exams are worth 30% (15% each) towards your final grade A cumulative 2 hour final exam will be worth 30% towards your final grade Homework assignments will consist of 4 or 5 questions taken mainly from the end of chapter problems in Carter (though they may often be modified slightly). Please note that there are errors in several of the end of chapter problems. I will do my best to fix these for the assigned problems. Come and see me if you think there are errors in any of the other problems. Exams and homework assignments will be graded by a graduate teaching assistant. In addition to the exams and homeworks, I will give short unannounced multiple choice quizzes in class roughly once per week. For more detailed instructions concerning exam policy, and submission and grading of the weekly homework assignments, consult the course web site: . The course web page also contains the following: summaries of some classes (PowerPoint or pdf), along
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Syllabus - Thermal Physics - PHY 3513

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