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Unformatted text preview: STA4504/5503 CATEGORICAL DATA ANALYSIS SPRING 2010 Instructor : Alan Agresti (I am an emeritus faculty member at UF but I am teaching here part-time during spring semester 2010.) Office : Griffin-Floyd 204 Phone : (352) 273-2981 E-mail : Office hours : Monday and Wednesday 3-5, and by appointment. Teaching assistant : Quan Tran, 117D Griffin-Floyd,, office hours Monday, Wednesday, Friday 2-4 pm. Tran will handle questions about the homework exercises, including software questions, and in my office hours I will handle questions about the methods themselves. Home- work exercises will be graded by our second TA, Tezcan Ozrazgat,, meetings by appointment. Course homepage : aa/sta4504 Course topics : Description and inference for binomial and multinomial variables using proportions and odds ratios, multi-way contingency tables, generalized linear models for discrete data, logistic regression for binary responses, multi-category logit models for nominal and ordinal responses, inference for matched-pairs and correlated clustered data, loglinear models. Prerequisites : Familiarity with basic statistical methods as covered in courses such as STA 3024, STA 3032, STA 4210, STA 4322, STA 6127, STA 6167, or the consent of the instructor. Since much of this course deals with extensions of regression modeling to handle categorical response variables, students should be comfortable with multiple regression modeling, including the use of dummy variables for incorporating categorical predictors in a model, and should have had practice using statistical software such as SAS for regression and ANOVA. Course text : An Introduction to Categorical Data Analysis, 2nd edition , by A. Agresti (2007), published by John Wiley & Sons. A copy is on reserve at the Science library. New and used copies are available for purchase at the UF bookstore or over the Internet. (My royalties from sales of new copies of the text for this course are donated to UF.) Software : My lectures will illustrate computations using SAS statistical software. For the homework exercises that require software, you are welcome to use whatever software...
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