Intro-Schedule - STA 6209 Design and Analysis of...

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Unformatted text preview: STA 6209: Design and Analysis of Experiments Spring 2011 Professor George Casella 408 McCarty Hall C [email protected] Credits: 3 Prerequisite: STA 6167 or 6208 or permission of instructor. Teaching Assistant: Claudio Fuentes ([email protected]) No Classes Jan 10,12,14,17 Lecture and office hours Lectures: MWF Period 5: 11:45-12:35 Griffin- Floyd 230 Office Hours: To be announced Textbook Statistical Design . Casella, Springer-Verlag 2008 Course Web Page The web page for the course is casella/STA6209/ Homework You will be assigned approximately 10 problems every two weeks. All of the odd-numbered exercises have solutions posted on the web. Every other Monday will be devoted to solving problems, and you are expected to come to class with all ten problems solved. Students will be chosen randomly to present solutions on the board. In addition one problem, randomly chosen by me, will be handed in for grading. I would like to encourage you to hand in your assignments in Latex, to get you more familiar with it. Latex is available as a free download from for the pc. For the mac you can download Texshop for free. First Problem Session Monday January 24 Course Description The strategy that I will use will be to go in the order of the text and try to cover as many topics as possible. 1 Term Project You will be required to write a five page term paper ( No more than 5 pages, 1 1/2 spacing, 11pt font) and a presentation ( five minutes ) that does the following: (a) Select a design, one that is not covered in class. You will also need to find a journal article that uses the find a journal article that uses the design....
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Intro-Schedule - STA 6209 Design and Analysis of...

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