CHM4412 - CHM 4412 Physical Chemistry Quantum Chemistry and...

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1 CHM 4412 – Physical Chemistry – Quantum Chemistry and Spectroscopy Instructor: Gail E. Fanucci Phone : 352-392-2345 E-mail: Class Times: T,R 2+3 (8:30-10:25) Office Hours: Monday, 7 th period Thursday, 4 th period Location: CLB 311F/313 (check my office, 311F first. We will use 313 if large numbers of people show up for help. Text: Physical Chemistry, 9 th Ed Atkins. (you can use other texts for reading materials; however homework problems will be assigned from book. I will try to post scanned copies on Sakai, but it is in your interest to get a copy or share with a classmate or use the library reserved copy). Purpose: The purpose of this course is to achieve knowledge of the microscopic physical chemistry of molecules sufficient to enable one to continue studies in quantum mechanics, atomic and molecular structure, symmetry, and spectroscopy. Homework: Homework sets will be assigned and graded. Homework will not be weekly, but one homework set per exam material will be given and graded. Quizzes: There will also be 3 on-line quizzes that will be meant to aid your study for exams. You will have an infinite number of times to attempt the quiz. Due Dates for Homework, Quiz Dates and Exam Dates will be posted on Sakai. Points Earnable: 4 progress exams 200 pts each 800 pts 4 homework 50 pts each 200 pts 3 quizzes 50 pts each 150 pts In class participation 50 pts 50 pts Total: 1200 pts Grading Scale: The following grading scale is tentative, and could be adjusted to be less stringent. The scale will not be more difficult. _______Points_________ _Percentages__________ Grade________ 1116-1200 93% > A 1068-1115 89% - 92.5% A- 1020-1114 85% - 88.5% B+ 960-1019 80% - 84.5% B 900-959 75% - 79.5% B- 840-899 70% - 74.5% C+ 780-839 65% - 69.5% C 720-779 60% - 64.5% C- 660-719 55% - 59.5% D+ 600-659 50% - 54.5% D 559-0 > 50% E
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2 1. Exam Policies: Four exams will be given. These will be during class times and will not be cumulative. There is no final exam. Exams will be roughly 2 hours. NO GRAPHING CALCULATORS will be allowed. You will need a calculator for taking the exam. No sharing of calculators will be allowed. No cell phones will be allowed while taking an exam. You will be given the relevant equations and constants,
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CHM4412 - CHM 4412 Physical Chemistry Quantum Chemistry and...

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