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Hmework # 2 Due Tuesday January 25 1. For O 2 and Hg atoms at 400K: Using the Boltzman-Distribution of speeds, determine the ratios of a. Mean speeds b. Mean kinetic energy ( did yoyu expected this result? Why?) 2. The best laboratory vaccum pump can generate a vacuum of about 1 nTorr. At T=25 o C, and assuming air consists of N 2 molecules with a collision diameter of 500 pm, calculate a. The mean speed of the molecules b. The mean free path c. The collision frequency of the gas d. Tthe number of collisions per sec, per N 2 molecule 3. At an altitude of 15 km, T=217 K and the pressure is 12.1 kPa. a. What is the mean free path of N 2 ?( ? =0.5 nm). b. How many collisions per second does
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Unformatted text preview: one N 2 molecule make? c. Compare this number to problem 2.d 4. Use the Maxwell-Bolztmann distribution of speeds to estimate the fraction of CO 2 molecules at 300K that have speeds in the range 200-250 m/s. Compare it with the fraction of CO 2 molecules at 30K and 3000K that have the same speed range. Show the plots of the distribution of velocities and the areas under consideration for the 3 Temperatures. 5. A solid surface with dimmensions 3mm x 4.5mm is exposed to He gas at 111Pa and 500K. How many collisions do the He atomsmake with the surface in 10s? 6. From Raff , 17.24 7. From Raff 17.28, 8. From Raff 17.32 9. From Raff 17.34...
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