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Homework # 5 Valeria Kleiman Started: March 21, 2005 11:11 AM 15 Questions Finish Help Save All 1-3 Combustion of hexadecane 1. Combustion of Hexadecane to form CO (5 point(s)) The standard molar heat of formation of hexadecane is -447.97kJmol -1 . Some times, there is not enough O 2 (g) to burn all the hexadecane and form CO 2 (g). As a result, some of the reactant form CO(g) and H 2 O(l) and some form CO 2 (g) and H 2 O(l). At P = 1 bar and T= 298.15K. Compute the heat of combustion (kJ) of hexadecane when the product is CO (g)and H 2 O(l) Answer Save Answer 2. Combustion of hexadecane to form CO2 (5 point(s)) What is the heat of combustion (in kJ) when the products are CO 2 (g) and H 2 O (l) Heat of formation of hexadecane =-447.98kJmol -1 Answer Save Answer 3. Combustion of hexadecane (5 point(s)) 48gr of Hexadecane (C 16 H 34 MW=226.0gr mol -1 ) are burned with insufficient oxygen for complete combustion to CO 2 (g). At P=1bar and T=298.15K, the heat change in the process is found to be -2,045kJ. Compute the %of hexadecane that reacted to form CO(g) Answer Page 1 of 5 Assessment 3/21/2005 http://vista.courses.ufl.edu/webct/urw/lc13460695.tp14229253/allViewAssessment.doweb. ..
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Save Answer 4-4 Combustion in a calorimeter 4. Combustion and calorimeter (5 point(s)) 13grams of propene (C 3 H 6 (g)) are burned completely at 298.15 K in a constant volume calorimeter. The temperature of the calorimeter is observed to rise 13.45 K during the
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HW 5 WebCT questions - Assessment Page 1 of 5 Homework # 5...

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