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CHM4411: Additional Review Questions for Exam #2 1. Assume that the equation of state of a gas is written in the form: ( ) ( ) P V b T RT = . Obtain analytic functions giving the fugacity (f) and the fugacity coefficient ( γ ) as a function of b(T) and P. 2. Engel and Reid: p8.3 (page 189) 3. Consider the graphite-diamond phase transition. Using data from the appendix of your text, calculate o H Δ for this transition at 298.15K and 1 bar. The density of graphite and diamond are 2.25 g . cm -3 and 3.51 g . cm -3 , respectively. Compute V Δ for this phase transition. Given the fact that diamond and graphite are at equilibrium at 3000 K and 235 kbar, compute the ‘rate’ at which the equilibrium pressure changes with temperature at that temperature and pressure. Assume o H Δ is independent of temperature for this transition. 4. A solution is prepared by dissolving 15.000 g of NaCl (solid) in 1.0000 kg of H 2 O at 363.15 K. The equilibrium H 2 O vapor pressure over the solution is found to be 521.00
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