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ANS 3319C Reproductive Physiology & Endocrinology in Domestic Animals Exam 2 (100 pts: March 3, 2010) Name: _______________________________ Page 1 of 5 Please match each numbered phrase with the most appropriate answer by placing the letter in the correct blank. Answers can only be used once (1 pt each). 1) ___ Male courtship behavior where lip curl is observed is called the ____ response. A) Puberty 2) ___ Chromosome that contains the testis determining factor gene. B) FSH 3) ___ Age at fist behavioral estrus or ovulation is known as? C) Adluminal compartment 4) ___ Volatile chemicals secreted by body that hastens onset puberty in some species. D) Melatonin 5) ___ Sertoli cell function is dependent on what protein hormone? E) Polyestrus 6) ___ Specific location in testis where spermatogenesis occurs. F) Dr. Bernie Machen 7) ___ The hand-cone procedure is used to collect semen in what species? G) Monoestrus 8) ___ Concentrations of this hormone are directly related to amount of body fat. H) Basal compartment 9) ___ Animal with uniform & regular estrous cycles throughout the year is known as? I) Pheromones 10) ___ Portion of sperm cell that contains enzymes that digest the zona pellucida. J) LH 11) ___ Animal with one estrous cycle per year is known as? K) Y-Chromosome 12) ___ Period without regular estrous cycles, which is usually a temporary event. L) Flehman 13) ___ Absence of menses in reproductive age women is known as? M) Dog 14) ___ Primary steroid hormone secreted by Leydig cells. N) Leptin 15) ___ Animal with clusters of estrous cycles only during a certain time of year is known as? O) Ultrasonography 16) ___ Who is the President of the University of Florida? P) Testosterone 17) ___ Of the two sex chromosomes, this chromosome has the greater DNA content. Q) Menopause 18) ___ Leydig cell function is dependent on what protein hormone R) Aritificial Vagina 19) ___ Location in testes where meiotic division of spermatocytes occurs S) Seasonally polyestrous 20) ___ Hormone that enhances GnRH secretion during decreased light periods in sheep? T) Monoestrus 21) ___ Cessation of menstrual cycles due to a depletion of ovarian follicles is known as? U) X-Chromosome 22) ___ What is the primary method of semen collection in the stallion? V) Acrosome 23) ___ An animal that has one estrous cycle per year is know as? W) Anestrus 24) ___ Management procedure used to predict the time of ovulation in mare. X) Amenorrhea 25) ___ Location in the testes where mitotic division of spermatogonia occurs. Y) Seminiferous tubules
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ANS3319Exam2_SP2010 - ANS 3319C Reproductive Physiology...

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