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ANS 3319C Reproductive Physiology & Endocrinology in Domestic Animals Exam 3 (100 pts: April 9, 2010) Name: _______________________________ Page 1 of 5 Please match each numbered phrase with the most appropriate answer by placing the letter in the correct blank. Answers can only be used once (1 pt each). 1) ____ Steroid hormone that stimulates cervical secretions during estrus. A) eCG 2) ____ Reproductive structure that produces the luteolytic signal in farm animals. B) Progesterone 3) ____ Hormone that stimulates the development of accessory CL in the mare. C) Ovary 4) ____ Reaction that allows sperm cell to digest zona pellucida. D) Colsotrum 5) ____ Powerful phagocytic white blood cells found in uterus that digest sperm cells. E) Cholesterol 6) ____ Thought to be the origin of the luteolytic signal in humans. F) Interferon- 7) ____ Maternal recognition of pregnancy signal in cattle & sheep G) Cervix 8) ____ Cells of blastocyst that eventually develop into embryo proper. H) Neutrophils 9) ____ Process of biochemical changes that occur to sperm that infer fertility on sperm. I) Capacitation 10) ____ Biochemical reaction that initiates the zona block and prevents polyspermy. J) Menapause 11) ____ Chemical compound that serves as precursor for steroid synthesis in follicle. K) Ovarian Estrogen 12) ____ Maternal recognition of pregnancy signal in pig L) Uterus 13) ____ Proestrus and estrus make up what phase of the estrous cycle. M) Glucose 14) ____ Steroid hormone secreted by the corpus luteum. N) Inner Cell Mass 15) ____ Cells of a blastocyst that develop into the chorion of the placenta. O) Apoptosis 16) ____ Maternal recognition of pregnancy signal in cat & dog P) Trophoblast 17) ____ Hormone produced by chorion and basis for pregnancy testing in humans. Q) ZP-3 18) ____ Cessation of normal ovarian activity in women. R) No signal required 19) ____ Primary carbohydrate that composes ½ of fetal diet during gestation S) hCG 20) ____ Reproductive structure that serves as both a barrier and reservoir for sperm. T) Oxytocin 21) ____ Protein on oocyte that sperm cell membrane binds to during fertilization. U) Conceptus estrogen 22) ____ Protein hormone secreted by corpus luteum involved in luteolysis in ruminants. V) Cortical 23) ____ First milk produced after parturition, which is high in antibodies. W) Acrosomal
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ANS3319Exam3_SP2010V1 - ANS 3319C Reproductive Physiology...

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