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Lab Date/Time___________ Continued on back!!!!! ANS 3319C Reproductive Physiology and Endocrinology Lab, Spring 2012 Female Histology Work Sheet (5 pts) Name _________________________________ Please provide answers to the questions asked below and provide drawings when requested. 1. Human ovary slide . Please locate the egg nest where there are numerous primordial follicles containing immature oocytes. 2. Pig ovary (slide #14) There are three different stages of follicle development that can be observed in this ovarian cross-section. Please list the three stages of follicle development from least developed (a) to most developed (c) and provide a sketch of each stage of follicle development to remind yourself how to distinguish them. a. _______________________ b. _______________________ c. _______________________ d. What steroid hormone is produced by the granulosa cells surrounding the oocyte of the follicle you listed in question 2c? w
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ANS3319FemaleHistologyWRKSHT_Spring2012 - Lab Date/Time_...

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