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C. Baer, PCB 4674 Fall 2010 Syllabus 1 PCB 4674 Evolutionary Biology - Fall 2010 Syllabus Instructor : Dr. Charles Baer Office: 621 Bartram Hall Phone: 352-392-3550 Email: [email protected] Office Hours: Wed. 8:40-10:30 or by appointment Teaching Assistants : Name: Matt Salomon François Michonneau Office: 619 Carr Hall Office: FLMNH (Dickinson Hall) Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected] Office Hours: Tues 2:00-4:00 pm or app't Office Hours: Thurs 9:35-11:30 or app't Credits : 4 Time / Room : Lecture: TTh Period 5-6, 211 Bartram Lab: W, P.5-6, 221 Carr Hall; Th P. 7-8; Fri. P.5-6, 521 Carr Class web page : Prerequisites : BSC 2010/2011 or the equivalent. Familiarity with Mendelian genetics, basic molecular biology, and high-school algebra. Text : Charlesworth, B. and D. Charlesworth, 2003. Evolution: A Very Short Introduction . Oxford University Press. Also: Darwin, C., 1859. The Origin of Species , First Ed. Bantam Press. NOTE: the C&C book IS "very short" (~130 pages). I **HIGHLY** recommend that upon purchasing the textbook at the beginning of the semester you sit down and read it from cover to cover. That way (most of) the lecture material will be familiar when you encounter it and you can re-read the relevant material in the text as necessary. Discussion Sections : The "lab" section of the class will consist of discussion sections. Each week the class will read a paper (or two) from the current or classical literature. Groups consisting of two or three students will lead the discussion of the paper, which will be moderated by the teaching assistant(s). Grading of the discussion section will be based on class participation, both in leading the discussion and in participating in discussions led by others. Material from the papers discussed will appear on the midterm and final exams. ATTENDANCE WILL BE RECORDED . Homework Assignments : There will be four homework exercises over the course of the semester. Three of the four homework assignments are computer-based exercises that employ freely available software. The fourth assignment only requires hand
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Syllabus.PCB4674.fall10_v3 - C Baer PCB 4674 Fall 2010...

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