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astro review questions - Light: 1) What type of EM...

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Light: 1) What type of EM radiation has the longest wavelength? Highest frequency? Highest = gamma, longest = radio waves 2) What color of visible light has the most energy? Why? Blue/violet 3) Name the four ways light interacts with matter. Emission, transmission, absorption, reflection/scattering 4) What type of spectrum will a neon light produce? A regular filament light bulb? A star? 5) Why do atoms absorb/emit only certain values of energy? Because of their composition 6) If you double a star’s radius and change nothing else, how will the luminosity change? It would double 7) If a star has twice the peak wavelength of emission as our Sun, is it hotter or colder at the surface? By how much? What is Wien’s Law? Hotter and double. Wien’s law -- objects of different temperature emit spectra that peak at different wavelengths 8) If a star’s spectrum is blueshifted, is it moving towards or away from us? What is the Doppler Effect? Towards us. The Doppler technique studies the motion of distant objects by looking for changes in the star’s spectrum, known as the Doppler shift. When we look at a planet
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astro review questions - Light: 1) What type of EM...

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