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Unformatted text preview: Homework 1 - Due Wed. Sep. 7th Math 224 - Fall 2011 Dr. Mauro Maggioni Office : 293 Physics Bldg. Phone : 660-2825 Web page : www.math.duke.edu/ mauro E-mail : mauro.maggioni at duke.edu Homework policies . Homework is due at the beginning of class, stapled, written legibly, on one side of each page only and must contain the reaffirmation of the Duke community standard. Otherwise, it will be returned ungraded. The logic of a proof (when proving a statement is part of the exercise) must be completely clear and all steps justified. The clarity and completeness of your arguments will count as much as their correctness. Some problems from the homework will reappear on exams. I will go over in detail the solution to any homework problem during office hours. The lowest homework score will be dropped. No late homework will be accepted. Duke policies apply with no exceptions to cases of incapacitating short-term illness, or for officially recognized religious holiday. You may, and are encouraged to, discuss issues raised by thefor officially recognized religious holiday....
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