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Homework_10 - Homework 10 Due Wed Nov 16th Math 224 Fall...

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Homework 10 - Due Wed. Nov. 16th Math 224 - Fall 2011 Dr. Mauro Maggioni Office hours : Tue 4-5, in office 293 Physics Bldg. Phone : 660-2825 Web page : www.math.duke.edu/˜ mauro E-mail : mauro.maggioni at duke.edu Homework policies : as in homework 1. All the materials (code, figures, etc...) have to be turned in (as printouts!) with your homework, or the homework will not be graded. Assignment Study Lectures 26,27,28 in the book. Exercises 27.5,28.2 (skip the part on Givens rotations), 28.3. The following are parts of exercises from Heath’s Scientific Computing : List three conditions under which power iteration may fail. In power iteration or inverse power iteration, why are the vector iterates normalized at each
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