A2Pt2 - CSc230 June 2011 Assignment 2 Part 2 Due 4pm...

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CSc230 June 2011 Page 1 Assignment 2 – Part 2 Due 4pm, Wednesday June 15 ARM Assembler Programming Problem You are asked to convert your C program of Assignment 1 into ARM assembly language. Problem Specifications The problem is very much the same as in Assignment 1, except that you do not necessarily have to implement the multiply operation. (See the grading section below.) The numbers and operations to be performed are read from a text file with the name input.txt The results are written to the program’s standard output. ” which must be located in the same folder as your assembly language program. The program must begin by printing your name and student number (simply edit the appropriate ASCII string in the program). Your program must detect and report overflow and every other kind of error. The compare/add/subtract/multiply functions can assume that all digits supplied in the input arguments are within range (because they are checked when first read). No function may destroy any of the caller’s registers except for the register ( r0 ) which holds the function result if there is one. This implies that every function must begin and end with the instruction pair
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A2Pt2 - CSc230 June 2011 Assignment 2 Part 2 Due 4pm...

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