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Application for Entry into Combined Bachelors/Masters Program Liberal Arts Engineering Digital Arts and Science Last Name First Name UFID Department Major UF GPA UD GPA Credits completed, including current semester Email address Test Scores SAT: verbal SAT: quantitative GRE: verbal GRE: quantitative GRE: analytic TOEFL score (req. only for international students) If GRE not yet taken, indicate date scheduled: CISE Course Grades CIS 3020 COT 3100 CDA 3101 COP 3530 Other Please note: you will have to apply to the UF Graduate School for formal admission. Approval of this application does not guarantee formal acceptance and admission in the UF Graduate School. Also note that pursuing this program of study will affect your Bright Futures Scholarship. Please check with Financial Aid for details. I wish to apply for entry into the UF Combined Bachelors/Masters Program indicated above. I have reviewed the requirements for this program with the Undergraduate Graduate Advisers in my major department. I understand that up to 12 hours of graduate coursework taken while I am an undergraduate may be counted towards the graduate degree (see program adviser for specific details). Student Signature Date APPROVED DENIED* Undergraduate Adviser Date Undergraduate Adviser Date Graduate Adviser Date Graduate Adviser Date College Dean Date College Dean Date *Denial of application for the Combined Bachelors/Masters Program does not preclude acceptance into the Masters Program at a later date.
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Procedures for Applying to the BS/MS CISE Programs A student wishing to apply to the combined BS/MS CISE programs must satisfy the following minimum criteria: 1. Must have at least junior status 2. Must have an overall GPA of at least 3.3 3. Must have completed at least three of the following four courses with a minimum of 3.3 GPA: CIS 3020 - Introduction to CIS COT 3100 - Applications of Discrete Structures CDA 3101 - Introduction to Computer Organization COP 3530 - Data Structures and Algorithms *Note: students transferring with courses from another institution must complete at least 6 hours of major coursework at UF before becoming eligible. 4.
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application_combined_bsms - Application for Entry into...

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