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IPPD_CISE - IPPD for CISE Students IPPD Overview...

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Unformatted text preview: IPPD for CISE Students IPPD Overview: Engineering students of all disciplines seeking to enhance their qualifications through a practice- oriented program should consider applying to the Integrated Product and Process Design program. The goal of the IPPD program is to have students who are in their senior year practice engineering on real, industry-sponsored design projects to improve their engineering education and enhance their opportunity for employment. The program provides both classroom and laboratory experience. Through IPPD, students will learn: how fundamental engineering science is relevant to effective product and process design that design involves not just product function but also producibility, cost, schedule, reliability, customer preference, and life cycle issues how to complete projects on time and within budget that engineering is a multidisciplinary effort Course Structure Working in small multidisciplinary project teams, students will get important practical experience...
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