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Outcomes-Assessment-Review-Form - CGS-3065 Legal and Social...

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Computer Engineering Program Outcomes Assessment Review Report Outcome (a): an ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, statistics, computer science, and electrical engineering as it applies to computer hardware and software. Term: Fall 2005. Date of Review: ___________ CEN Program Outcomes Committee Members: CISE: R. Newman, M. Bermudez, A. Abukmail. ECE: H. Latchman, H. Lam, R. Srivastava, E. Schwartz CNS number Course Name Assessed # Students % achieve outcome Average Likert value Outcome achieved ? Remarks, observations. recommendations from faculty committee CIS-3020  Introduction to CIS       COT-3100 Applied Discrete Structures       COP-3530 Data Structures and Algorithms       CDA-3101 Introduction  Computer Organization       CEN-3031 Introduction to Software Engineering       COP-4600 Operating Systems       COT-4501 Numerical Analysis     CEN-4500C Computer Networking Fundamentals
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Unformatted text preview: CGS-3065 Legal and Social Issues in Computing CIS-4914 Senior Design EEL-3111C Circuits 1 EEL-3135 Discrete-Time Signals and Systems EEL-3304C Electronic Circuits 1 EEL-3701C Digital Logic and Computer Systems EEL-4712C Digital Design EEL-4744C Microprocessor Applications EEL-4914C Senior Design OVERALL PERCENTAGE ACHIEVING OUTCOME: _____________ OVERALL ACHIEVEMENT OF OUTCOME: ______________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ACTION(S) RECOMMENDED: __________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ 2...
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Outcomes-Assessment-Review-Form - CGS-3065 Legal and Social...

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