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COP 3530 Assignment 1 Due: Sep 3 rd , 2010 In the first assignment you will learn: how to create a Makefile, how to write a simple C++ program, and how to tar your files. You are required to include three files header.h , main.cpp , and Makefile in your single tar file submission. header.h contains only a void function print_hello() which just prints out the string “Hello world!!” with a new line at the end. main.cpp includes the file header.h and contains the main function in which it calls the method print_hello(). In the Makefile you should compile your source code and create the executable file “main”. You must use g++ which is the GCC C++ compiler in GNU compiler collection package. We will test your submissions by following these steps (commands on rain machine): 1. tar xvf “<your name>_UFID.tar” 2. make 3. ./main The output should be similar to (the bold part): rain:29% ./main Hello world!! rain:30% Each of the following is
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Unformatted text preview: required in all assignments and if not satisfied, will result in a zero for the code portion of an assignment: • Your submission should be portable to unix machines, since we test your codes on Solaris (rain server). • The .cpp file (say, ProgramName.cpp) must compile successfully. • A softcopy of the source code (.cpp file, NOT .o file) needs to be submitted in the tar file via Sakai. • The submitted file must be properly tarred. Improper tarring of files again can cost 100% for that assignment. The simplest syntax of the tar command is as follows. To create a tar file: tar cvf (tar file name) (file 1) (file 2) (file 3). .. To extract the contents of a tar file: tar xvf (tar file name) Note: You can verify that your submission was successful by downloading your submission from Sakai and successfully untarring it. Please visit here for more information on submission rules....
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