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hw3_cop3530sp11 - HW 3 COP3530 Spring 11 CISE department UF...

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HW # 3 COP3530 Spring 11 CISE department UF Instructor: Manu Sethi, TA for this assignment: Chunchun Zhao Instructions: Due on Feb 7 2011, 10:39am (before class) via Sakai. You will modify the arrayList.h file and write two completely new files: hw3prob1.cpp; hw3prob2.cpp. The main functions will reside in the .cpp files. Write your methods for problem 1 and the derived class for problem 2 in the arrayList class. Do not change the name of the class. Tar all the 3 files along with makefile and a README file. The makefile will compile all the programs and make two binaries hw3prob1 and hw3prob2. 1. Problem 22 of the textbook Chapter 5 (a) Write the method arrayList<T>::reverse, which reverses the order of the elements in the list. The reversal is to be done in place (i.e., within the array element and without the creation of a new array). Note that before the reversal, the kth element (if it exists) of the list is in element[k]; following the reversal the kth element[listSize-k-1]. Do not use the STL function reverse.
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